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Hanna feels she must leave the confinement of the forest to experience life, but once in the world, Hanna is hunted by Marissa and others connected to Hanna’s hidden origins and exceptional abilities.

The castings mark a reunion for Enos and Kinnaman, who previously starred together in the AMC series “The Killing.” The Swedish-born Kinnaman also starred in the recently released Netflix adaptation of “Altered Carbon,” and also had a regular role on “House of Cards.” He is known for his work in films like “Suicide Squad,” “Robocop,” and “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.” Enos, in addition to “The Killing,” starred in the ABC drama “The Catch.” She will also appear in the upcoming Amazon series “Good Omens” and previously appeared in Amazon’s anthology series “Philip K.

Dick’s Electric Dreams.” She has appeared in films like “Gangster Squad,” “World War Z,” and “If I Stay.” NBCUniversal International Studios will produce alongside Working Title Television in the UK.

Jo Ann Alfano for NBCUniversal International Studios and Andrew Woodhead for Working Title Television will executive produce in addition to Marty Adelstein, who produced the original film, and Becky Clements of Tomorrow Studios.

Related: 5 Shocking Truths About the Making of 'Pulp Fiction' movies, Travolta's career was practically flatlining before the role of Vincent Vega gave him a second lease on life in Hollywood. Already a fan of the actor, it turns out that his Hollywood apartment was the exact same one that Travolta lived in when the star was starting out in the business.

But the role originally was meant for Michael Madsen, who played Mr. Still, before Travolta was considered for Vega, Tarantino toyed with the idea of casting Tim Roth as Vega with Gary Oldman as Jules, thinking to rewrite their characters as "two English guys." But the director really wanted Roth to play the diner robbery man Pumpkin opposite Amanda Plummer, and so he set his sights on Travolta, despite Miramax producer Harvey Weinstein's insistence that Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis take the role, who really wanted to do it. He learned this when Travolta went there to meet with him. The two hit it off right away, and even played a vintage The film's Bruce Willis was also a potential choice to play Vega, and was reportedly miffed at the idea of playing a supporting character and not the lead of the picture.

Elizabeth listens back to the recording from Glenn’s jacket, but there’s nothing of use there before the early exit. Paige has a little better luck, though: She tells her mom she met a boy named Brian who’s an intern for a congressman on the Armed Services committee.

Arquette got the role of Jody as a "consolation prize." Interestingly, Ellen De Generes read for that role of Jody, as she was trying to transition from sitcoms to films.

Tarantino had also considered Pam Grier for the role of Jody, but felt she was too commanding for the part, and saved her for the lead of his , but that actor stood his ground after reading the controversial basement rape scene, declaring that his fans just didn't want to see that. Jackson, Ving Rhames had previously read for the role of Haldeway in but didn't land it, and fortunately for him, Tarantino remembered him specifically, writing the role of Marsellus just for him and his unique cadence.

With the project expanded to a feature-length film script by 1993, Michelle Pfeiffer and Meg Ryan's agents pitched them for the role, while Tarantino considered Holly Hunter, Meg Tilly, Alfre Woodard and Rosanna Arquette.

Arquette tested for the role of Mia, but Thurman eventually won out (even though Tarantino wasn't keen on her for the role before meeting her in person and then hitting it off; still, Uma initially turned down the role because she didn't think she was right for it).

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But Willis had already told Tarantino that he was willing to play anyone the director wanted in the movie, and ultimately reigned supreme with a samurai sword as the boxer Butch – a role that was originally out to Matt Dillon.

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