100 lonely college coeds dating

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And now, to hopefully prove that I’m really not a pretentious four-letter word, allow me to introduce the first of four categories into which I’ve broken down the messy, messy topic of finding love, as well as the inspiration behind said breakdown: the music of Justin Bieber.

If I’m going to keep doling out advice about things of this magnitude to people who might actually listen to me, I better have the stones to back it up and put that advice out there for the whole world to see.They’re the products of those people trusting me and me trusting those people, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse.I’m not about to blow anybody’s spot up and drop any names, but if the people I reference after this paragraph read between the lines and recognize themselves and their stories, thank you and I apologize – if you want to physically damage my face, you know where to find me.Whether or not I’ve ever said it, I’ve always approached writing my Gavel articles the same way – especially recently, as I’ve been getting ready to say goodbye to a lot of my friends in a few months.Two weeks ago, I regurgitated four years’ worth of conversations into a piece about stereotypes in CSOM.

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