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Aaron sorkin gina gershon dating

Services were held during the Holy Days, and attemptedon Sabbaths, though most of the time without the formal quorum of tenmales A society to help the poor and ill was organized at CIRA during the early1870s.A philanthropic committee was formed in 1881 with the purpose ofraising funds for their persecuted coreligionists in Russia.This group constituted one of the main antecedents for thecreation of the lewish Colonization Association (ICA) by Baron Maurice de Hirsch in 1891.3 From 1890 until 1930 the arrival of lews from Eastern Europein Argentina was quite a common event.

At the beginning of the1890s most members of CIRA were lews born in Western and Central Europe—France, Germany, England, and Italy.

He led religious services, officiated at weddings andother specifically religious rituals, and was always prompt to defend the interests of the lewish immigrants.

2A turning point in Argentine lewry was effected when the Weser anchoredin the port of Buenos Aires in August 1889, bringing 824 lewish souls from Eastern Europe.

Eighteen ninety and 1930 are important turning points for the lewishcommunity in Argentina.

Eighteen ninety marks the beginning, and 1930 theend, of immigration en masse to the country.

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To the few North African lewish families who had settled in Buenos Aires during the 1880s many more were addedduring the following four decades.