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When I was dating a man and thought I had great connection with him – he quickly seemed to lose interest, became emotionally cold and then would disappear. I once was dating a man who broke it off with me because he said I was “overly clingy.” To be honest I was scared he would leave me and that’s what he did.I read as much”dating and relationship advice” as I could. All I discovered was the same old thing you’ve probably heard before like: stop being desperate, always get dressed and look pretty, cook him delicious meals, prove what an amazing wife/girlfriend you could be, and then, of course…Nick continued, “This is the reason behind why when you look for love and are craving it, you’re accidentally killing your chances with him and you always end up in the same cycle of trying to capture his attention and love but never really having it.Or if you do end up dating him and in an official relationship you always feel that you like him more and that he’s not completely in it.” On the flip side, when a man views you as his “soul mate,” everything you do or say makes you more amazing in his eyes.Meanwhile, I would go out of my way to be nice, hit it off with a guy at first but then things would start falling apart quite fast.The man would start getting really distant, difficult and confusing….Rather than view you as a freedom snatcher, a crazy woman trying to “force him into a relationship” he views you as “the one.” A woman he cannot imagine life without.

his walls and male radar go up fast and he won’t be aware of it but his subconscious will feel that you’re definitely not his “soul mate.” This will make him try to establish independence and liberate himself from you and he certainly will not be emotionally open or try to establish a deeper bond.And on that fateful day he revealed his most significant revelation about men: “The sad truth is when you go out of your way to do things to make him happy…and are in a really good mood, happy, nice, on his “team,” yet also sprinkle in enough of the chase to make sure he doesn’t get too comfortable and think he has you…I also used to remember how I watched women who weren’t even that pretty or interesting get the most desirable, coveted after men literally obsessed with them. Some of these women were even manipulative and mean!And amazing men bent over backwards to shower these horrible and even mean women with constant attention, love and adoration.

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