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Fritz promised to consider the idea, but wasn't sure if he would take it due to Brenda getting offered a great new job in Washington, DC.

He worked as part of the FBI's Organized and Serial Crimes Unit based in the Los Angeles Field Office. From this moment onwards, Fritz goes on to provide the Major Crimes Division (formerly the Priority Homicide Division) access to FBI resources through his many contacts.Morris and Howard told Raydor that if they told her that, they could have jeopardized their two-year investigation into a international drug ring, a risk they could not take. The plan was a partial success, they got the cousin out of the house without alerting him of the FBI's investigation but they did not find the weapon.Raydor promised the FBI that she would not jeopardize their investigation and hatched a plan to get the cousin out of the house so Det. However, when the cousin met a "intuitive life strategist" who had been having an affair with the victim's wife along with his, both the cousin and the victim's wife started cursing each other out, inadvertently giving more evidence to support both the LAPD and the FBI in their cases.The Class B uniform has lately become his preferred uniform of choice.During more administrative duties and formal events, like when he was the Acting Assistant Chief, he can be seen wearing a Class A everyday uniform. As the commanding officer of the Special Operations Bureau, Howard is responsible for managing the specialized tactical resources of the LAPD.

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In cases where Major Crimes works with the FBI, Fritz often acts as a liaison agent, much to the amusement of the MCD detectives.

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