Assessment of stability test methods for self consolidating concrete

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An experimental program was performed to evaluate the suitability of various test methods for workability assessment and to propose performance specifications of prestressed concrete.

In total, 33 self-consolidating concrete (SCC) mixtures made with various mixture proportioning parameters, including maximum size and type of aggregate, type and content of binder, and w/cm were evaluated.

It is recommended that SCC should have a plastic viscosity of 100–225 Pa·s and 100–400 Pa·s for concrete made with crushed aggregate and gravel, respectively, to ensure proper workability.

This test can be used in the design of the mixture whenever such conditions are presented for precast, prestressed elements.We would like to greatly acknowledge all the authors for sharing their expertise and knowledge as well as our sponsors for their support.Special thanks go to the Honorary Advisory Committee, the Steering Committee, and the International Technical, as well as the Scientific Committee for their diligent work in bringing this conference to success! Khayat Normal and Tangential Interaction between Discrete Particles Immersed in Viscoelastic Fluids: Experimental Investigation as Basis for Discrete Element Modelling of Fresh Concrete Author(s): Venkatesh Naidu Nerella, Filippo Galvani, Liberato Ferrara, Viktor Mechtcherine Influence of the SCC and the Release Agents on Friction Concrete/Formwork Impact on the Aesthetics Concrete Facing Author(s): Laurent Libessart, Chafika Djelal, Yannick Vanhove, Pascale De Caro, Isabelle Dubois Predicting Fibre Orientation and its Effect on Mechanical Properties of Ultra-High Performance Steel Fibre Reinforced Self-Compacting Concrete Author(s): Wilson R.Static stability refers to the resistance of the concrete to bleeding, segregation, and surface settlement after casting until the beginning of setting [3].SCC should exhibit high filling ability, proper passing ability, and adequate segregation resistance.

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SCC mixtures designated for prestressed applications should be highly workable to flow easily through restricted spacing and completely encapsulate reinforcements without any mechanical vibration [2].

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