Atmos clock serial number dating

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Atmos clock serial number dating

These brackets are beautifully constructed original items, not copies.Atmos clocks do look fabulous wall-mounted on these brackets.Jaeger Le Coultre Atmos ' Marina' mantel clock, the circular dial with Arabic quarters and baton markers, the calibre 526/5 lacquered brass case with lucite panels featuring a galleon beside torsion pendulum window, between conforming ships to side panels, 22.5cm high, in double-door presentation box and with rare original printed card outer packaging Condition: Dial in good clean condition. A coil set inside the cylinder situated at the back of the clock expands or contracts when the temperature rises or falls, thus allowing th Jaeger Le Coutre Co.Torsion pendulum releases but does not immediately revolve. \n Dial: white with gold arrowhead markers and Arabic numerals. \n Metal: gold-plated brass.\n Case dimensions: height 23.5 cm - width 21 cm - depth 16 cm. Atmos clock, exposed Swiss movement, both movement and clock marked; gold toned, brass plated case with removable front glass, polished edge glass inserts in the sides and top, with a fifteen jewel movement, dauphine minute and hour hands, arabic numerals at 3,6,9,12, with the other chapters marked with same "spearpoint" shape as the hands, on a round matte white dial.But it took the Jaeger-Le Coultre workshop a few more years to convert this idea into a technical form that could be patented.And to perfect it to such a degree that the Atmos practically achieved perpetual motion. The technical principle is a beguiling one: inside a hermetically sealed capsule is a mixture of gas and liquid (ethyl chloride) which expands as the temperature rises and contracts as it falls, making the capsule move like a concertina.The Atmos has had the honour to be associated with great statesmen, royalty, and other renowned people including John F.Kennedy, Sir Winston Churchill, General Charles De Gaulle, and Charlie Chaplin.

For Example: The Pendulum of an "Atmos Caliber II" has straights, black lines (see photo), the Pendulum of a Caliber 519 has round "dimples", the Caliber 526 has wide vertical indentations and the Caliber 528 has thin vertical indentations.

Admirers of advanced technology, however, aren't the only ones who get their money's worth.

Connoisseurs of elegant forms, precious materials and traditional craftsmanship, do so as well.

The movement has a rotating pendulum balance and torsion escapement.

Also available is an Atmos clock wall bracket, sold separately at £250.

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The front window can be taken out for starting the atmos or set time.

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