Audrina patridge and justin dating

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Audrina patridge and justin dating

In the Q&A, the “Hills” star said Patridge, 34, had “crazy chemistry” with her ex, Justin Bobby, on the MTV series, and questioned whether Bohan was Kirra’s real father. A rep for Pratt could not immediately be reached for comment, but the reality star defended himself on Twitter Thursday.“What was all that talk about Justin Bobby doing things to Audrina her husband never did? He wrote, “The only thing I was serious about in my recap was Audrina and Justin Bobby’s crazy chemistry.

Calling ex-wife Audrina Patridge "shameful," Corey Bohan unloaded on both the mother of his child and Spencer Pratt over comments the latter made about the ex-couple's daughter, Kirra. It's clear that you will do and say anything to keep your name in the headlines, even if that means dragging your family through the mud," Bohan wrote on Instagram.

Stephanie says during the episode that her friend, “Audrina is gullible, naïve and sweet and I’m not surprised that Justin is playing Audrina because she is always taking the bait.

Audrina shares with her friend about Justin: “Sometimes he’s romantic, sometimes he’s standoffish.

After Pratt mentions the possibility of settling down and committing to Patridge, Brescia admits that while he’s met her daughter and enjoys spending time with her, he’s afraid to get too close to Kirra because nothing is promised when it comes to his future with Patridge.

“I don’t want to see the baby falling down and then I’m running to it being like, ‘Oh my God, I’m starting to love this kid.’ I like the kid but if I start loving it, all of the sudden my whole world starts changing,” Brescia explained. I disappear in a month, six months, a couple of years?

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“Justin is a charmer and he can charm me in a heartbeat and take me back to being 19 again…I just feel like all these mixed feelings.”Stephanie comments that she feels like “Justin and Audrina got back in a time machine and they are in 2007,” she says.