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The whole conformation gives the impression of depth and solidity without bulkiness, exhibiting the strength, endurance and agility required of the herding dog. A formidable dog with a frank and unwavering expression, he always demands respect wherever he goes.

Male dogs are characteristically larger throughout with a larger frame and heavier bone than bitches.

The construction of the forequarters is of the utmost importance, determining the dog’s ability to work and his resistance to fatigue.

The legs are vertical when viewed from the front or in profile.

The height and width of the head are each slightly less than half its total length. Expression – The gaze is frank, alert, and confident. The croup is well muscled and slightly sloped in the direction of the attachment of the tail.

With a great number of wonderful traits and on the internet dating products and services obtainable, you'll check with for no additional. This online dating site is precisely committed for guys and girls who're inside of a connection at this time but search for many spice and hype within the sides by a discreet romance or flirt.Discreet-Passion only aims to help expand females express their love and undergo an infinite pleasures from their on the internet romance relationship.It doesn't matter what your intention is for signing up in, you will be certain to choose somebody who is suitable to one's desire and keenness.Feet – The feet are large, round, compact, and the rear toes turn out very slightly.Dewclaws – Double dewclaws form well separated “thumbs” with nails, placed rather close to the foot.

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Ribs – The ribcage extends well back with long, flexible, and moderately curved ribs.