Becky bordo dating dark

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It’s like I’m setting up the ball & they’re spiking, in volleyball speak.

I think it’s wonderful to team up with other wonderful leaders in the community, and to shine a light on them so that they can spread their wealth of wisdom (while simultaneously giving my community an opportunity to experience someone they may not have otherwise had access to or been able to afford).

My 28 year old wife is absolutely stunning, not just pretty. Her firm 36DD breasts complement her perfect heart shaped ass. My dick is only 6 inch long but my wife has never complained.

Becky has bright blue eyes, flawless ivory skin and sandy blond hair that she keeps at shoulder level. She works out 4 days a week and keeps her body in top shape. My interracial fantasies started when I found a link on one of the porn sites I was visiting.

She was studying to be a teacher and we hit it off right from the start.

A preacher's daughter, Becky didn't smoke or drink and the furthest I could get with her was some heavy petting.

My programs are more often than not around self-improvement, spirituality, and communal fun, as well as around unique educators — from energy leadership coaching, to intuitive healing, to soundbaths, to living arrangements’ workshops.

We recently had an incredible intuitive healer, Peggy Rometo, host a workshop and everyone, I mean EVERYONE, left changed for the better.

My twitter bio version is: Israeli born, Philly bred, Los Angeles based creator of conscious content & community.About 3 years ago Becky and I went to a party one of our friends was having.There was a black guy that was hitting on her all night long.When it comes to my events, I try to include members of my community in the process, and empower everyone I come in contact with to feel like they’re leading and shaping the experience — and I do all that I can to keep the love and good warmth flowing.I tend to lean into workshops that add value, that share a teaching or a tool I believe is important for my community to engage with.

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After graduating from college we got married and moved to Chicago to find work.

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