Best adult sex dating sites uk

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Best adult sex dating sites uk

In other words, it’s a deceptive marketing tactic used by crooked scam sites in order to get you to pay for their premium membership.After a month or so it becomes apparent there are somewhere between none and a couple actual women looking for men (and not customers) on these sites.Large discrepancies between how many replies we got and how many dates we set up was an indication to us of deceptive marketing.Also, large discrepancies between how many dates we set up and how many dates we actually had where the girl showed up was an indication of deceptive marketing.

Adult Friend Finder is one of the premier adult dating sites.

When you have more sites, even if everyone was divided evenly among them, the user bases would be smaller.

It’s a fairly instinctive thing to know that large user bases make for a better dating site, but what is a newer site to do? Since most people feel absolutely no need to pay for multiple dating sites, fledgling site need to do whatever they can to make money. They lure naive (and mostly male) users to their casual dating sites, by inflating their user bases with cam girls, escorts, and completely fake accounts manned either by bots or site employees to flirt with you a couple times in order to get you to pay for the premium membership.

We noticed on sites that we considered scams we got the same or a similar amount of replies as on the sites we considered legitimate.

In the end, there were only 3 sites that we deemed worthy of the monetary investment in premium membership.

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In the world of sex dating sites, less is actually more.