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The most important thing to remember when dating a triathlete or other endurance athlete is to be his ally, not his enemy.

Endurance races require incredible mental and physical stamina, and the commitment required to stick to a training plan daily is something you should admire in your guy, not resent.

Training: Similarly, don’t get mopey about his training.

You’re the one who found his triathlete ass sexy, and he got that way through following a specific workout plan.

Bonking: Not the fun kind, this bonking is when he’s used up all the carbs in his system during a workout and starts feeling wonky.

I guess I'm lucky that I found stuff that I like, so exercise usually isn't too much of a chore.

You want to time your nutrition so that you have fuel for longer workouts.

Eat a meal of mostly carbs and a bit of protein 2 to 3 hours before a workout.

A 45-minute bike ride followed by a 45-minute run, for example.

This helps his body adapt to switching from one to the other so it doesn’t shock the system on race day.

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“You still have to match your caloric intake to caloric expenditure, or else you’ll gain body fat,” Ziegenfuss warns.

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