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Polygyny refers to marriages in which men are permitted to have more than one wife at the same time.In precolonial times, polygyny was encouraged, especially for wealthy men.Some of the marriages were even arranged by the families long before the girl attained puberty.In these matters, family considerations outweighed personal ones – a situation that further reinforced the subservient position of the wife.Ghana has taken multiple steps to increase equality in the political sphere.

In polygynous situations, visitation schedules would be arranged.The first women to be appointed as Chief Justice was Georgina Wood.Additionally, women only make up a small percentage of the total judges in high and Supreme Courts.There are many institutions in Ghana that work to advance women's rights and welfare issues.Women's groups and activists in Ghana are demanding for gender policies and programmes to improve the livelihood of women.

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The separate living patterns reinforced the idea that each spouse is subject to the authority of a different household head, and because spouses are always members of different lineages, each is ultimately subject to the authority of the senior men of his or her lineage.

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