Bloomberg spreadsheet not updating

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The only way so far I've found to get these cells to pull in current data is to delete them and rewrite the formulas.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a Macro that would force a refresh of this data?

I have all the code for saving the snapshot, but getting the data for the one index to refresh is proving difficult.

None of the standard ways I know to refresh external data (both Excel commands via tools menu, and Bloomberg specific refresh commands) seem to work on these cells.

Select the "Refresh Every" check box and enter the number of minutes you want Excel to wait between automatic updates.

Click "OK." Tricia Goss' credits include Fitness Plus, Good News Tucson and Layover Magazine.

I have a workbook that pulls in index data from Bloomberg, most data is updated realtime, but one index we track is only updated late at night.

I want to write a macro that will refresh all of the data in the worksheet and then save a snapshot of the workbook.

Run "Refresh" // The feed doesn't update when ran in VB Script even though it works when the macro is clicked (button form) in Excel. Then, if I understand correctly, count the number of N/A's in the target range and loop until there are none or if the count is stable.

Many of the functions found in the Bloomberg terminal can also be accessed directly from Excel if you install the Bloomberg Excel add-in.

This method can be much more efficient when you need access to bulk data, but can be a little unintuitive. Excel’ or similar, by clicking on the red menu bar (Actions) or right-clicking on charts or data.

Open "C:\Users\Kern\Documents\Turtle Trend" obj Excel.

Add("C:\blp\API\Office Tools\bloombergui.xla") obj Excel. Can you help me on this, can you share a working code with me?

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lack of responses on this site is often down to a lack of detail in the question. Do you suggest that I incorporate a Do Until Loop in VB Script to originally wait a second?

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