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I’ve known Lindsay for a really long time, and I feel like if when she was going through something bad, if I can offer her my jewelry as a friend and be there for her, then I don’t see a problem with that. She’s an incredible talent, and I really hope to see her get back on her feet and not be worrying about all of the other things she’s been worrying about and get back to what she does, and that’s being an actress. Do you mind the fact that your jewelry line is so heavily linked in the press with what’s going on with her right now?

Besides, alongside the eye she was also wearing these diamond locket earrings that she also borrowed [from us].

And she’s worn things at the gift suites we’ve done, like the Oscar suites.

I’m not the judge and juror and I’m happy to have people wear it.

I can probably almost 100% pick out a man for my mom, and my mom can definitely pick out a guy for me. My mom’s probably set me up with the majority of my boyfriends. We did it as a company name, Tres Glam, about five years ago. I tend to not go to things that are religious themes, although we have touched on that with the Gastineau Glamour line where we did symbols with crosses and with Jewish stars.

Those are 18 karat and that’s between one thousand dollars and fifteen thousand dollars. But it’s more about spirituality and less about religion.

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Lisa Gastineau: Well, I actually have a locksmith here today to put a lock on my closet door, how about that? I’m one of those people with a passion for fashion and I’ve been dragging it all over the country for, I can’t even tell you how many moves.

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