Burma dating

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Burma dating

Well kept and peaceful, it a lasting tribute to those who lost their lives, many fighting far from home, in the jungles of Burma.There are three memorials to look out for which, among other things, also commemorate the near 27,000 soldiers who died in during campaigns in Burma with no known grave.The National Museum of Myanmar, meanwhile, looks at the country’s history and evolution as a whole with one of the largest collections of artefacts and relics relating to the development of civilisation, art and culture.Walk through time and see how Burma grew into the country it is today.Just make sure you have water and some sun protection with you, as once you get out into the middle, there is no shade, and no going back!A true highlight of any visit to Yangon has to be just throwing yourself in amongst downtown Yangon’s surprisingly leafy, grid-like network of streets, most of which are handily named by number (New York style) and surprisingly spread out when you put your perfectly laid out map route into action on the street.

The Culture Trip share a few of the ultimate things to do in Yangon; from creaky lakeside board walks to visiting the remarkable Shwedagon Pagoda.Gold plated and diamond topped, the stunning structure is visible from around Yangon, and no visit is complete without spending some time there.It is truly beautiful and captivating and you might just surprise yourself with how long you stay, peering into the seemingly endless temples, shrines and more that encircle the gilded stupa.Burma played no small part in World War Two, as the more than 6,000 Allied graves at Taukkyan (also known as Htauk Kyant) War Cemetery quickly demonstrate.A Commonwealth War Graves Commission site, the cemetery is located about an hour north of downtown Yangon, but is absolutely worth the journey.

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It’s the crazy, chaotic side to Yangon that quietens down very quickly from 10PM onwards, and is home to some real gems for eating, sleeping and shopping.