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Another thing that Aquarius should have in mind is to not rush things with Cancer and scare them off, as they tend to take some time to process their feelings before they get intimate with someone. The initial attraction between these two lovers can soon wear off.Although they may click sexually and maybe even emotionally, Cancer and Aquarius are not a good match for the long haul.The sentimental and family-oriented Cancer is all about tradition and starting a family, while the rebellious Aquarius is always looking to escape the conventional, meet new people and places and live an adventurous life.While Cancer craves a physical touch, Aquarius is often perceived as cold and unemotional simply because they don't require much love and affection.As rebellious as the Water bearer tends to be, Cancer's peace will be often under a threat and their partner's lifestyle will put them under a lot of stress.When you fall deeply in love with each other, you may find a way to look over your emotional differences and find a common ground upon which you'll build a strong relationship.

Cancer values security, safety, home life, comfort, family and intimacy.For instance, not appreciating each other's differences will make it difficult to gain each other's trust.The liberal nature of Aquarius will also be hard to understand for the Cancer and they could even perceive it as crazy.Aquarius' emotional nature is often perceived as unconventional and difficult to understand, which for someone with an emotional approach to life like Cancer can be utterly displeasing.The Crab is a sign who is looking for a peaceful, comfortable and familiar environment, while the free-spirited Aquarius is always looking for new experiences, adventures and challenges in life.

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