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Start potty training when they're chirpy and in good health.

I let my second daughter go naked from the waist down for a week.

Don't let the first introduction be her bare bottom on to chilly plastic with your grim face peering nightmarishly from above.

It might be worth starting with a potty in the bathroom, and encouraging her to sit on it before a bath. If she's not interested, you and the potty should back off.

Here are the main signs your child may be ready: Toilet training is much easier when children are aged two and upwards.

Your child will then feel the difference and start to associate going to the toilet with the big puddle she's standing in and the way mummy's descending with the kitchen roll. Same again but he got the hang of it without me reminding him and started asking to go.She can then see what she's producing, as can your visitors, while your extra laundry and soggy rugs will dry more quickly in the sun. Bowel control often comes before bladder control and children may be wet in the night for some time after they're dry during the day.You can't teach toilet training in a day – it may take weeks or months, with minor relapses if your child becomes troubled or ill.Bear in mind there's a wide variation in how quickly toddlers potty train, some of which is probably genetic.Lateness in acquiring bladder and bowel control runs in families and boys may take longer to get the hang of it than girls.

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For the first day or two, sit her on her potty every half hour or so. Be prepared for lots of puddles and never punish her for accidents.

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