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We'll start with an open discussion about how to find a co-founder and formalize a relationship led by Ed Buchholz (@ebuchholz).Then, we'll have ~5 quick meetings arranged for each person to get to know potential matches. Bring your best (and worst) ideas and a positive attitude!The event challenges aspiring entrepreneurs to work together to develop new businesses in three days.Participants, who typically pay from to each, present 60-second pitches in hopes of recruiting a start-up team.Since 2009, Startup Weekend events, which are held in 120 cities worldwide, have spawned more than 180 companies.Several of the businesses, including Memolane, a San Francisco–based site for archiving photos and updates from sites such as Facebook and Foursquare, have received funding.By the end of the weekend, she and her partner, Michael Goff, had come up with mockups of a mobile app called Foodspotting, complete with restaurant profiles and images of meals.Andrzejewski's demo was so effective that Dan Martell, an angel investor in attendance, offered her ,000 in seed funding that evening. Andrzejewski says the two of them disagreed on Foodspotting's overall vision; Goff says they weren't able to agree on ownership terms.

The company's creators met through Founder Dating, an event in San Francisco and Seattle that is designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs meet potential co-founders and hone their business ideas.HUBBA is the heart of the Thai tech startup community, a hub of like-minded startup founders, geeks, makers and designers, who are passionate about solving impossible challenges, collaborating, experimenting, failing, learning, succeeding and giving back.We exist for the sole PURPOSE of helping these great startup companies accomplish the impossible because we believe that HUBBA is a place for people who will change the world and put Thailand on the global startup map.The attendees vote for their favorites and then break into teams to help the entrepreneurs with the top business ideas.Over the course of the weekend, the groups refine business models, create mockups, and often launch actual businesses.

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Entrepreneurs must fill out an online application, answering questions about their experience, interests, and area of expertise.