Columbia university racial preferences in dating study

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While Asian men can also harbour internalized racism and self-hate, the evidence in the multiple studies listed here suggest that this notion is false.

The large-scale preference of Asian women with white guys suggests that the preferences of Asian women are not just preferences , but racist , exclusionary preferences. It further suggests that Asian women may harbour internalized racism towards their gender counterparts as well as self-hate.

Fundamental takeaways from this data shows a similar ).

From the lowest ( 37% Chinese females to 57.7% in Korean females) the out marriage rate is in all cases , above that of the respective male counterparts.

Furthermore , Asian women were found to be half as likely as Asian men to be unpartnered (18% vs 35%).

As a result , Asian men were much more likely then their same-sex counterparts to be unpartnered.

We focus here on three countries: USA, UK , and Canada to look at overall trends, as well as showing that this phenomenon is not just a American trend , but a global trend.This pattern is replicated across multiple countries, suggesting a societal and global trend.The general trends replicated across these multiple studies also confirm that Asian women are much more likely to date out, and while doing so overwhelmingly are with white men.Further, this model shows that Korean women have a White intermarriage rate of 57.7%.That may seem unbelievable but in this particular instance, the numbers do not lie.

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Such bias in a single direction is worthy of questioning.

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