Comic con sci fi speed dating christian cafe dating website

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Comic con sci fi speed dating

No, I don’t mean I could have rambled on like I usually do.

I found scientists, engineers, culinary students and graphic designers among the women I met, each of whom I could have listened to for at least more than three minutes.

They are reporting that a female booth worker, Kristen Reynolds, claims she was sexually assaulted by her boss when walking from the Pensacola Bay Center toward the Grand Plaza Hotel parking lot.

After all was said and done, I didn’t make a connection from the numbers I put down versus the ladies who selected me, but that wasn’t all that disheartening.

Since every woman I met during quick, three-minute drills seemed genuinely interesting from their geeky interests, it was disappointing to keep rotating in new people when it felt like, even without any discernible “romantic” attraction, I felt I could chat and listen to these individuals for much longer.

I found myself sitting across from a lineup of ‘Sailor Scouts’ from the ‘Sailor Moon’ anime series, which made ME, in my plain burgundy T-shirt, appear out of place.

The women were to rotate over a seat every three minutes until time was up, everyone marking down the assigned number badge of the persons you ended up connecting with.

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And, of course, since it was the last day, I wouldn’t have had any awkward run-ins if this program had gone sour.