Danielle american pickers dating mike

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He is also a proud co-owner and manager of the antique archeology shop and the restoration company which deals in restoration and reselling of vintage and antique light fixtures.Other than his online website where he sells his items, he also owns a kids pickers website which is a platform for children to discuss their collectibles.American Picker’s cast Frank Fritz’s married life has been quite a mystery.If you are one of his fans trying to figure out if he is married to a wife or dating a girlfriend, you have come to the right place.From there hence on he began collecting items from various collections and restocking them for sale.In 2010, Frank alongside his two other friends Mike Wolfe and Danielle Colby launched their reality show “American Pickers” on History Channel.

He prides himself as a modern recycler who sells antiquities directly from his shop and also online through his website.

“I love to see what people do with their vintage and how it is being re-purposed.”How does she fit it all in?

Ask her: “I wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning every day. I sleep three or four hours every night, but I wouldn’t change anything.

Frank Fritz, on the other hand, didn’t confirm or deny the rumor of him being gay. Net Worth: $ 4 Million Salary: 0,00 His passion for vintage and antique items have managed to earn Frank Fritz a considerable comfort lifestyle accompanied with an interesting net worth of M inclusive of his gross salary of approximately $ 500,000.

He made his most significant first income through a sale of an antique item he had bought for ; the item was later on sold for 5.

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