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Datacontext submitchanges not updating database

In Use is a bit field) For some reason it isn't working. It's as if the The table could not be updated properly because it had no primary key. Other tables seem to work fine but I've compared properties in the and they all match.HI Experts I have the following table in DB: CREATE TABLE [dbo].[vdc_options]( [option_id] [int] IDENTITY(0,1) NOT NULL, [option_name] [nvarchar](50) COLLATE Hebrew_CI_AS NOT NULL, [option_value] [nvarchar](50) COLLATE Hebrew_CI_AS NOT NULL) Where option_name is defined as the primary key of this table I have defined the following table in my c# class [Table] private class vdc_options and now , I am trying to update some of the values (and I have checked that there are changes) No Exception is thrown , and the updated values are not saved to the database. Thanks Hi elimesika; In order to update a database the table def needs to indicate which column is the primary key.As you stated in the question that the column option_name is the primary key make the following change to the column attribute.Descendants("location") select lc; //for each location, write data to database Location Data Context location Data = new Location Data Context(); foreach (var location Xml Element in locations Xml Data) This is old but thought i will come and clear this up. Whenever your update or Submitchanges fails try puttin Insert On Submit() statment. Dim db As New Northwnd("c:\northwnd.mdf") ' Make changes here. Submit Changes() Catch e As Change Conflict Exception Console. If override methods are present for insert, update, or delete, Submit Changes executes these methods instead of the default LINQ to SQL commands.

when view values of db object after submit happens, see unchanged, same in physical database. All changes to the database are rolled back as if no submissions ever occurred.The Data Context still has a full recording of all changes. Asp Alliance Register Edit My Profile Author List Write for Us About Asp Alliance Contact Us Privacy Policy Link To Us Advertise Subscribe Free Newsletter Newsletter Archive RSS Syndication . NET 2.0 Examples ASP Tutorials Learn ASPLearn VBScript Learn JScript Learn SQLLearn XMLSoftware Resources Shopping Cart Ecommerce Charts and Dashboards Other Resources Learn Java Learn Oracle Opinion / Editorial Crystal Reports Alliance WPF Resources AJAX Resources Silverlight Resources Free Tools Cache Manager Simple CMSReviews Book Reviews Product Reviews Expert Advice Books ASP. NETLearn AJAXLearn Silverlight Learn Visual Studio Learn ADO. NETLearn Web Services Learn Controls Learn Biz Talk Learn Share Point Learn Mobile Learn SQLLearn SQL Reporting Learn Windows Forms Learn XMLLearn Crystal Reports Learn Far Point Learn Dev Express Examples ASP.

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You apply any number of updates, inserts or deletes.

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