Dating a man with an ex wife and kids completely ukraine dating

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Dating a man with an ex wife and kids

When my guy and I first started dating, sad to say, we did bond a little bit over his explaining his marriage and his current relationship with his ex (or what was current at the time) to me.His ex-wife would cause drama with money or call him whining about the kids, and he'd tell me about it.Religion, politics, family, our hopes for the future, our views on how people should treat each other, pet peeves, likes, loves, etc. He has two, and at the time we started dating, they were 3 and 8 years old.Little did we realize over the next couple of years how much his relationship with his ex-wife would deteriorate once I came more fully into the picture and started to help take care of the kids when they were with my boyfriend for his parenting time.The wounds are fresh, each party wants some kind of revenge, and if there are children in the marriage, custody becomes a HOT issue.Most people, after a little while, if they're sane, will be able to quell the "divorce crazy" and get down to business figuring out what they want, what they can reasonably get from the divorce agreement, and what's best for the children.

Try not to let this bother you; everyone has memories which represent a different time of life.Put the kids first Your new man’s kids will always come first to him, so don’t try to compete for his affection.Even if you’re thrilled about the prospect of meeting them, be aware that you need to be the one to fit into their lives, not the other way around.Maybe there are women out there who have mentality of a gold-digger, except that instead of looking for men with money they look for men who have children then can raise instead of having to birth any of their own? I always pictured my life with a man I'd meet in college, we'd have 3 kids of our own, I'd have a good advertising job, he'd do...something..we'd be comfortable and happy.Wow, was I ever off base with that line of dreaming!

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Just make sure you’re not snooping through his Facebook history or trying to learn too much about his former partner.

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