Dating and marriage in bolivia

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Dating and marriage in bolivia

Most likely that after marriage she would speak English and you would speak Spanish, what is not weird now as half of US speaks Spanish today; in any case this is also good for personal self development for both spouses.

You must know also most Bolivians usually live for 3 years in civil marriage and are getting married officially after; well, that fact sounds not very religious, but at least it is the same young people in America or Europe do often.

Women in Bolivia are notable for their appealing natural looks and their individual charm.

To conduct marriage in Bolivia you will need: If the citizen of Bolivia has already married citizen of US she/he would need so called “marriage visa” to enter the territory of The United States of America.

Bolivian women are sincere and even little shy; those features attract men from all over the world.

Bolivian woman is capable to connect work and at the same time do family work like cleaning at the house, washing etc.

What marriage traditions and customs are in Bolivia?

There usually state wedding ceremony and church wedding ceremony in Bolivia.

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They are considered to be traditional, but friendly and open, hospitable and welcoming for the most part.

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