Dating client ethical

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Dating client ethical

When there is a client paying money for a service and one person is the health care provider or a person trained in something like massage therapy – it creates a power differential.

The main focus of your massage sessions should be about meeting the needs of the client and NOT your needs to be liked or even loved.

She asked the woman to think about how it might feel to have her counselor present at the graduation.

The client had been coming to Oswalt for a year and a half.

Having a strong ethical compass is paramount to being a good counselor, says Oswalt, who in addition to running her private practice works two days a week as assistant director of career services at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

“I can’t be unethical and at the same time be an effective counselor,” she says.

Outside of the counseling relationship, our ethical code [the ] provides us with a clearer professional identity, shapes how the public perceives us and offers guidelines for our professional behavior.

The consequences of dating a massage client could come back to hurt your massage therapy business/career.

If the person was just divorced or the divorce happened as a result of the new relationship, the ex-partner could take legal action against you especially if there is a law regarding dating in your state.

There is a power differential in the relationship between the massage therapist and client where the client will put their trust into the hands of the massage therapist and will look to them for help with their health issues.

All of the excuses are just that, excuses for inappropriate behavior.

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It usually starts with talking too much to the client and telling them about YOUR life rather then focusing on the client and their needs.