Dating crybaby pedals

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The Cry Baby was the most common Wah of its day and, as I recall, it was quite adequate, I’m sure I wouldn’t have kept using it if I found its quality inferior. I know that for a fact because I still own it and I checked.I made the Wah-Wah part one of my article because next to straight guitar tone Wah was the effect I used the most.Mine has reconed Jensen P-10R’s, is outfitted with a matched set of NOS Tungsol 5881’s, and after using all RCA 12AX7’s, I went to the original Bassman configuration of 2 12AY7’s so as not to overdrive the power tubes so much.This amp is a dual rectifier amp and sounds delicious at all volumes with all types of guitars.

The first wah type sounds were obtained by pioneer electric guitarists working the tone knob, a technique still used today, especially by country players playing Teles.

a different reverb for each effect, fifty different chorus types, etc.

I use straight guitar with reverb for 85% of my playing, controlling overdrive with my guitar volume knob.

I am going to cover as much ground as possible, and it is for that reason this article will be two or more parts.

I conclude this introduction by saying I have switched back to all analog effects, and I feel I’m getting a much warmer and more musical tone from my guitar and amp by doing so. Rack mounted gear is faster to hook up at the gig, and midi makes programming digital effects easy and versatile; ie.

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The difference in timbre was so great I ended up omitting the effect on the cut we were working on.