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In 1903 an additional factory was built in England and ran by Oppenheimer. Since 1981 the majority of GBD pipes come from the English factory.

At about that same time GBD merged with Comoys, since then all production for both GBD and Comoy comes from a single factory. ) More history and addition information can be read in the main GBD article.

Here's his list in probable descending order of grade: Mike got his information from GBD catalogs 1976 to 1980. (The shops bearing that name in Columbus today are pale imitations; Joe sold out in the 80's to two architects who ran the business into the ground and sold the name to two other persons).

I personally have in my collection three beautiful Pedigrees, a bent, a bulldog, and a prince. I also have an interesting Prodigy Sandflame, half bent tan sandblast free form with plateau top. SH carried about 5,000 pipes in stock, and many of the odd shapes GBD made were done for Smoker's Haven.

It is an apple shape, with a straight stem and round shank.

By the time they left the GBD name was well established and thus retained.This is a listing of some of the various pipe lines manufactured by GBD, I have gathered this information from a variety of sources including posts to the "alt.smokers.pipes" usenet newsgroup, and from the book "Who made that pipe? Until then I offer this meager webpage as a source for others like myself wishing to learn more about GBD pipes.If you have any additional models or can fill in the "?Jack Tompkins and Frank Nagy are good sources for rememberances of the old days at SH.A few comments: My brother Mike went through his old SH flyers, and the list someone forwarded to you is accurate.

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