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Some couples wait until the third date to sleep together.

The third date can make or break a match, determining whether the relationship will continue or not. Here, the third date doesn’t have any significance.

You must learn and adapt to a new culture and make new friends.

No one warns you how not being fluent in French takes a toll on your sanity.

In France, men will often carry out a date the entire evening, regardless of how interested they are (or aren't) out of respect.

The first guy I was seeing here told me that he spent the entire evening with a woman he was not interested in solely to spare her feelings.

In France, depending on the man you are seeing, a kiss could mean everything.

He told me she was not his type, but he had already committed to taking her out and did not want to disappoint.

Each date I have been on since then, I have secretly wondered if the same thing was happening to me.

It’s not in the guidebooks about Paris and it’s definitely not what the city is like in the movies.

And when you enroll at a Paris-based university like AUP, they don’t talk about it during orientation week.

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