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I have a few boxes of photos to be scanned but prior to doing so I would like to be able to have a better idea of the date — or at least year — they were taken, and then scan and take note.

I just need to flesh out a few years on some of these ... In sum, unless the lab added the date (which some did) there is no way to determine the date from the code on back of the photo.

You can some times use clothing styles, but that usually is only accurate to decades or so, not specific years like you want.

Guest blog by Brent Bublitz The year is 1951, Alice in Wonderland has just hit the theaters in London. The average cost of a new home in the US was 00, and this box of Kodak Velox has just expired.

However, most of the pictures do not have any clear id for dates on the back of the photos. so that's out (unless there is info on the negatives I can look to) but most have some imprint of their own code: a combination of numbers, symbols, and letters but nothing I have been able to figure out from my own memory of when they were taken.

I have asked the local shops, but those who work there have no history of pre-digital cameras.

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Often times you will see old film begin to show a color shift and lower sensitivity.

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