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This maniacal and all around shitty boss tried to withhold an employee's last paycheck after a botched procedure.

So, they proceeded to stand up for themselves, took the terrible boss to court, and ended up winning ,000 for what could have been a mere 5 offense.

Sometimes people come into a store ready to start swinging.The car didn't have a ton of life remaining, but this guy made sure his boss knew he was getting a bad deal.We've had bad bosses before, so it's cathartic to see incompetent managers get the short end like this boss who stupidly ordered a contractor to go on call and ended up with a ,000 invoice or this guy who hired a thief as his replacement.Our team of seasoned professionals is pleasant and easy to work with and can be relied upon to provide hardscape, driveway, landscaping, septic system and excavation expertise, as well as other customized services that our customers need.To learn more about how we can help you, call us at 207-939-3851 or email [email protected]

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In a recent Ask Reddit thread non-British people are sharing all the things that they find odd about Britain.