Dating nicholas hoult

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Dating nicholas hoult

" He starts laughing, "I suppose if it was, you wouldn’t have come here."Hoult is in London for the UK premiere of his latest film, a biopic of J. As a young boy he lost his mother to illness, and as a young man, his closest friends during WWI.

It was the mythic bedtime stories his mother read him that inspired the epic quests of books like is more powerful when it focuses on the fellowship between friends which, it supposes, is what spurs him on to write.

A week before its release the Tolkien Estate distanced themselves from the film, claiming it did not "approve of, authorise or participate in the making of" the biopic.

It joins a string of disputes about the legacy of the writer's work after the estate sued the studio behind the trilogy, and later Warner Brothers for gambling and video games using Tolkien's characters.

“They got a good group of people together and the writing was so brilliant," he says.

"There was no pressure on it, we just did it and had fun." Though it's more than ten years since the show ended, Hoult maintains they are still some of his best friends and says he feels lucky they all got to grow up together.

Receiving the award she gave a speech that bought the house down and made those those still awake in England a little misty-eyed.“She is this pure, wonderful person who works incredibly hard and takes it seriously but never takes herself too seriously," he beams.

", he admits it can be difficult to act when you're unsure what exactly you're facing.

"It’s weird because essentially, being an actor is just being delusional and creating weird things in your mind," he laughs.

I ask if it's hard to take on the role, knowing how much Tolkien's work means to so many people.

"You take it all on board and as a fan myself it's something you respect and want to honour," he says.

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His real coming of age performance was playing a student called Kenny, who becomes entwined with a depressed university professor called George (Colin Firth) in Tom Ford's was filmed in-camera meaning what you see on screen wasn't added later on but happened in-front of the actors eyes.