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Moreover, there has been a growing interest in minority groups and the political rights and entitlements they are due.One result of this interest is substantial attention given to the particular concerns and needs of minority groups who are distinguished by their religion, as opposed to ethnicity, gender, or wealth.According to this line of thought, the healthy requires a substantial amount of pre- or extra-political social cohesion.More specifically, a certain amount of social cohesion is necessary both to ensure that citizens see themselves as sufficiently connected to each other (so that they will want to cooperate politically), and to ensure that they have a common framework within which they can make coherent collective political decisions.Of course, a different version of this argument could simply appeal to the truth of a particular religion and to the good of obtaining salvation, but given the persistent intractability of settling such questions, this would be a much more difficult argument to make.Against these positions, the liberal tradition has generally opposed establishment in all of the aforementioned forms.A weaker form of an established church is what Robert Bellah (1967: 3-4) calls “civil religion,” in which a particular church or religion does not exactly have official status, and yet the state uses religious concepts in an explicitly public way.

A different approach for liberals is to appeal directly to the right to practice one’s religion, which is derivable from a more general right to freedom of conscience. I grew up with Christianity and I remember questioning it greatly. Some things did…I grew up being told God is going to take care of everything and it doesn’t always work out that way. Pitt’s really concerned about the environment and the living conditions in third-world countries. Pitt has taken on many causes of far greater concern than teenagers getting baked in their parents’ basements without fear of legal consequences.Contemporary philosophical defenses of outright establishment of a church or faith are few, but a famous defense of establishment was given by T. As a result, he argued, such a society would degenerate into tyranny and/or social and cultural fragmentation.Even today, there are strains of conservatism that argue for establishment by emphasizing the benefits that will accrue to the political system or society at large (Scruton, 1980).

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Contemporary liberals typically appeal to the value of fairness.