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It's never fun to get turned down for a date, but nor is it pleasant to be the person doing the rejecting.

Uncomfortable date rejections can make your future interactions awkward, especially if it's someone you respect and see on a regular basis.

While you’re not obligated to meet with everyone, it is nice to offer something—especially when it’s a personal connection, says Diane Gottsman, etiquette expert and owner of The Protocol School of Texas.

Remember that disappointment in this situation will be inevitable for him.I didn’t realize how bad it had gotten for me until I had to tell a friend I couldn’t meet that night for a drink—but I’d be free Wednesday, two weeks from now, after a work dinner.Call it the “disease to please,” explains Sue Johnston, a communications coach.Learn how to say "no" both nicely and firmly so that you can navigate these situations with ease and leave the asker feeling as confident as possible.Having a good excuse can take the whole date question off the table with no hurt feelings, but be careful: a bad excuse can create more problems later.

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When declining a date offer, it may seem more tactful to be indirect than to directly say that you aren't interested, but understand that it's more hurtful in the long run to give him false hope.

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