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Periodic talks in the 20th century to unite The Gambia and Senegal led to the short-lived Senegambia confederation (1982–89). It is also one of Africa’s most densely populated countries.

A few towns are located upriver, but most Gambians live in rural villages.

”Gambia’s current President, Adama Barrow, has set up a Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission to create a record of atrocities.

Those testifying have included government soldiers accused of beatings and murders, as well as victims of abuse.“At the end we hope to nurture national reconciliation and healing,” said Baba Galleh Jallow, the commission’s executive secretary and no relation to Ms.

The land is flat and is dominated by the river, which is navigable throughout the length of the country.

The peculiar shape and size of the country are the result of territorial compromises made during the 19th century by Great Britain, which controlled the lower Gambia River, and France, which ruled the neighbouring colony of Senegal.

In the west, lower and smaller sand hills alternate with depressions filled in with sand to form a flat plain.

The Gambia has a wet-and-dry tropical climate characterized by an intense rainy season occurring generally between June and October and by a longer dry season.

She is the first to publicly accuse the president of sexual assault, just as Gambia is in the process of reckoning with the terrible legacy of the Jammeh regime.“This is one layer of atrocities in many,” said Reed Brody, a lawyer with Human Rights Watch who is leading a push for criminal prosecution of Mr.

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He subjected AIDS patients to what he said was an experimental miracle cure — an herbal body rub and a banana. West African leaders allowed him to flee to Equatorial Guinea in 2017 after he lost an election, the results of which he had refused to accept for six weeks.

He took with him two Rolls-Royces and a Mercedes-Benz, and has turned up on social media celebrating with a birthday cake and sipping champagne.

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