Dating sewing patterns

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Dating sewing patterns

Simpllicity dress patterns soon found their way into many homes!When are antique/collectible dealers also historians? However, the last line of the address on the sleeve reads: New York 14, NY. Of course we rely on the design of the dress or whatever, as well as hairstyles, to help us date a pattern. I use Cemetarian’s Dating Guide to help me date my Mail Order patterns. At the time, producing dress patterns for the home sewing market was the exclusive province of Mc Call's and other magazines.

Although third class originated very early in the postal service’s history, it was not until 1928 that a discounted rate was set for third class bulk mailings. Like Indiana Jones, I donned my fedora and set off on that quest… While this isn’t specific to mail order patterns, or even to patterns in general, it’s worth mentioning here.Anything with the NRA Blue Eagle emblem can be dated to between 19.Mail order patterns are seldom (I’m not quite brave enough to say “never”) dated, and they had a much longer life than the patterns we are used to seeing in the sewing stores.If you don’t have a nice clear mailing date in the postmark, like this… But, thanks to their mailing envelopes and the hard work and enthusiasm of philatelists (that’s postal boffins, to you and I) we can narrow down the dating possibilities quite a bit.

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Which is something my hairdresser did for me for most of my teenage years.