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Dating talon zippers

This jacket was produced with a civilian label and a few alterations to the pattern.This jacket is made from capeskin, and with handwarmer pockets instead the large breast patch pocket that was universally removed from the army production version.Empire ran a strongly anti-union shop, threatening employees in 1968 that if they unionized , they, “would do as up North, hire n. While Hettrick as a company was absorbed, the American Field brand continued to be produced, with production shifted to the Pink Hill plant, reflected on labels. 1970s-1990s labels By the 1980s, the operation had been sold again, to Weather Shield Sports Equipment, Inc. You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.

was founded in 1893 (or 1891, depending on the source) in Toledo, Ohio as a manufacturer of canvas goods, largely awnings and wagon covers.The jacket has heavy wear, and the label has been partially worn away.The remaining text reads "aviation" and "Kansas City Mo". One of the common features that can be used to help identify what era an item is from is the zipper.Many zipper names such as crown, conmar, conmatic, ideal, gripper zipper, prentice, scovill, talon, and YKK to name a few have been found on a variety of vintage garments from the 20th century.

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This jacket has an off-center Talon main zipper, with bell-shaped slider and unmarked diagonal-stripe sunburst stopbox.

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