Dating the action in great expectations a new chronology who is cassie ventura dating

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Dating the action in great expectations a new chronology

List of Illustrations General Preface by the Editors Acknowledgements Abbreviations for Dickens's Works and Related Material Bibliographical Symbols and Abbreviations Introduction A Note on the Text How to use the Notes The Notes Appendix One: The Sequence of Events in Pip's Narrative Appendix Two: The Hoo Peninsula and Rochester Appendix Three: The Temple, Little Britain and the River Thames Appendix Four: Maps Appendix Five: Serial Instalments in "All the Year Round" Select Bibliography Index.David Paroissien is also the author of 'The Companion to "Oliver Twist"', also in this series.Often we may be surprised by the decision to annotate a passage that would not seem to require commentary at all.But then we find that Paroissien does possess valuable information that unexpectedly enriches our understanding of what we had thought was clear.The commentary sometimes dazzles us in that we come to wonder how Paroissien has managed to learn so much about so many out of the way aspects of the Victorian reality.Apparently his familiarity with that reality equals his familiarity with the reality of our own times.He co-edits the series with Susan Shatto and until his retirement in 2001 taught English literature at the University of Massachusetts, USA....

THE WORLD OF PIP Charles Dickens, Great Expectations, A Norton Critical Edition, Ed. To reconstruct that historical reality, Paroissien doubles or trebles, beyond Rosenberg's practice, the number of items from the text to receive long annotating commentary.Rochester and the Hoo Peninsula, the London quarters of the Temple and Little Britain, the banks of the Thames also receive extensive attention in appendices.While Dickens accurately reports the characteristics of actual places, however, it proves interesting to notice too where he "necessarily depart[s] from reality".Paroissien's passion for finding the illuminating detail and for getting the detail right is evident. readers will find Paroissien's companionship rich in research and of breath-taking fullness.Thorough, well-considered, clear, incisive and complete, the Companion to 'Great Expectations' gives readers everything needed for its full appreciation.

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