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But they might be more persistent when West and East clash.However, as long as both of you recognize each other’s boundaries and respect the culture of your partner everything should be fine.One of the biggest cultural barriers when dating a Japanese man might be having to deal with them drinking a lot, more like all the time.Most of the time they will come home from work drunk after an outing with their colleagues, simply a very common thing in Japan.Thus, if you are planning on dating Japanese men you should keep the following things in mind.

So you need to be able to handle the fact that your significant other oftentimes will come home intoxicated.

Conclusion While dating Japanese men is not an easy feat and will demand patience on both of your sides, it is also a rewarding experience.

The main obstacles in dating Japanese men are the cultural and language barriers.

Their lives are going to be centered mostly around their work and office.

Another thing to consider is that in most of Japanese companies people rarely make use of their yearly vacations.

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While only a few decades ago international marriages were not a common thing in Japan, now you can spot many such couples just by walking down the streets.