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Alhoewel je bij vrijwel iedere datingsite terecht zal kunnen zijn er weinig sites die zich juist richten op de jongere doelgroep. Alhoewel ouderen ook prima op de site terecht kunnen is de hoofddoelgroep toch echt de jongere Nederlander. Mensen die graag in contact komen met anderen die, net als zij, van het leven genieten.De site is daarnaast niet alleen maar op dating gericht maar wil ook helpen bij het maken van vriendschappen.This way only people who are located in what you consider the “Goldilocks Zone” will be able to find your profile; not too close, not too far.By making it easy to match with potential partners, dating platforms have ironically made it difficult to truly connect.If one person doesn’t show up or otherwise misbehaves in some way they face the possibility of losing their deposit.Having this form of “punishment” should drastically improve behavior, leading to the building of more long term relationships.When you can very easily move from one person to the next, the value each person you communicate with is diminishes.

Even for those that are real, according to Dating Site Reviews, about 30% of men lie about their finances and job in dating platforms, and a comparable percentage of women lie about weight and height.

What happens if you arrange to have a date but the other person just doesn’t show up?

You end up wasting your time while the other person goes completely unpunished.

You could, for example, choose to not have anyone who is in or near your hometown be able to come across your profile. Another option is to set a “reverse radius.” Whereas typically dating apps only allow you to exclude people who are located outside the radius you set, Hicky will have the option to do the reverse as well.

You will be able to exclude people who are inside a radius set by you outside a radius set by you.

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Je kan het dus zien als een verlengstuk van het dagelijkse leven.