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Maybe they have an older parent who’s living with them, or maybe an adult child has moved home after facing a difficult job market.Also, when couples have young kids, sometimes the kids end up in mom and dad’s bed and there just isn’t enough room for everybody to sleep comfortably. Some partners need the room warm and toasty while others want the air on full blast. Here’s the good news: Of partners who slept less than 1 inch apart, 86% reported being happy, according to a study conducted at the University of Hertforshire.As with many sleep issues, the role of rapid eye movement in learning and memory is still being explored.Conflicting theories and debates about the issue continue, and some conflicting evidence arises.5) If snoring solutions don’t work (try the strips, the pillow, and asking your partner to sleep on his/her side) you can always invest in ear plugs. Bestselling Author Lisa Daily Says His Taste in Movies, His Car, and How Fast He Falls Asleep After Sex Offer Clues to Infidelity.

That said, if you went from snuggling all night to separate sides of the bed to separate bedrooms, you may be experiencing some trouble in your relationship.

And a dramatic change in sleep or sex habits can spell infidelity.

Does the housing trend of dual master suites mean more couples want to sleep alone? But many of these home buyers want dual master suites for other reasons.

The benefits of a good night of rest cannot be underscored.

Unplug and relax to get the deep sleep you need to be restored and recharged.

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