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Probability, the mathematical theory of events governed by chance; Random processes and application - phenomena which change randomly over time eg stock market prices, interest rates; Statistical physics, the study of physical systems which have a very large number of interacting components Drones, political, operational and ethical dimensions of, especially UK Reaper Squadrons; War and military intervention, political and ethical dimensions, especially Iraq and Syria; Leadership ethics, especially Blair and the 2003 Iraq War; Climate change policy, ethics of; Financial crisis, ethics of.

She is teaching me to find my bliss in life, beauty in pain, to walk through the fire and see the magnificence on the other side. She is so amazing that I actually got my mom to see her too. She will have your back, she is intuitive and to put it simply…she is the best. I needed help and someone to push me forward in a safe way full of love.

There have been two other versions of this poem, but dating to 15th century, however, the manuscript fragment discovered at Melk Abbey dates to around the year 1300.

This would suggest that this erotic poem was written at least 200 years earlier than previously believed.

When Brian Phillips came to New York in 1998, he quickly gravitated toward the downtown art and fashion scenes and, through internships at Paper, Elle and Visionaire, connected with other aspiring, boundary-smudging tastemakers and haunted contemporary art hot spots. Among them were Adrian Rosenfeld, now a San Francisco gallerist, who introduced him to a number of significant artists, and Nathalie de Gunzburg, chairwoman of the Dia Art Foundation, who, he said, “has one of the most phenomenal collections I’ve ever seen.”Although he arrived to study architecture at Columbia, his career took a different turn and he founded Black Frame, an agency that represents clients in the arts, architecture and fashion. Phillips favors contemporary art and photography, often created by artists he has met, including Paul Lee and Matt Saunders. Sometimes I seek out artists after I’ve acquired the works. One of the first works I acquired was by the artist Matt Keegan and is a small photographic collage of Humberto Leon, my best friend. The work distilled the intimacy of their relationship.

His taste in art is strikingly personal and he has acquired several homoerotic pieces. I’d say that photograph above your mantel explains what you mean by “undercurrent of eroticism.”Indeed. He took a very folksy approach to painting that reminded me of Bob Ross.

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She endured a brutal custody battle that threatened to compromise her joy, softness and feminine power.