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Also, section 30 contains a similar power to that in Part 5 to specify the territorial application of the services provisions of Part 3 in relation to ships and hovercraft.

The Act contains provisions that triggered the Sewel Convention in relation to Scotland.

So where a section or part of a section does not seem to require any explanation or comment, none is given.

They do not form part of the Act and have not been endorsed by Parliament.

However, the Act contains a power to specify territorial application of Part 5 in relation to ships and hovercraft (section 81) and offshore work (section 82).

In relation to the non-work provisions, the Act is again generally silent on territorial application, leaving it to the courts to determine whether the law applies.

Establishes a general duty on public authorities to have due regard, when carrying out their functions, to the need: to eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment or victimisation; to advance equality of opportunity; and to foster good relations.

Also contains provisions which enable an employer or service provider or other organisation to take positive action to overcome or minimise a disadvantage arising from people possessing particular protected characteristics.

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Subsequently, other personal characteristics besides race have been protected from discrimination and similar conduct, sometimes as a result of domestic initiatives and sometimes through implementing European Directives.