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Posted by / 08-Feb-2020 21:35

It can only be guessed at how many relationships become unstuck in complete privacy and without media coverage due to these or similar circumstances – today reliable statistics about this are unavailable.At any rate, couple therapeutics all over the world report a dramatic increase in the subject’s growing presence.

More than 30,000 users have been banned due to unwanted behavior.The boundaries of space and time have been removed.In real life a secret affair between someone from Hamburg and someone from Munich would involve an incredible logistic effort – not so in virtual space.At the same time such an act of virtual infidelity is more of a threat than the consumption of porn because the counterpart also appears to be more concrete as a person than some anonymous porn performer.In 2009 well covered by the media the relationship of a British couple broke up as a consequence of a virtual escapade: Lisa caught her friend John while he was engaged in the virtual community “Second Life” under the nickname “Troy Hammerthal” having Avatar sex with a man.

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In the real world the escapade leaves no traces – thus the danger of being found out is considerably reduced.