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But Filipinas are far from stupid; they’re cunning and have their own share of stupid head games they play.

It’s nowhere to play with men is the last minute meeting change-up.

She got impressed, curious about my business and the meeting.

Then suddenly she asked if there's any vacant job position available in my company and she would like to apply. HIJO DE LA GRAN PUTAI am 1.73m turned 38 & used to be 129kg at 50% body fat. Tinder taught me that if I did not lose body fat and increase muscle mass, eat & slept better then I will end up with women who I do not find physically attractive nor would bring out the version of me.

I got matched with this lady, and we got the talking.

Later I purposely replied late and I told her I just got back from an international business meeting in Thailand.

For every girl who tries to force you into her frame or extort money out of you, there are three more who will treat you like a king.While few Filipinos are 100 percent fluent in English, you can hold conversations with them easily provided you tone down your use of slang and ten-dollar words.For example, as I found out the hard way, Filipinos don’t say “o” in place of “zero” in spoken English when it comes to long numbers (ex: if you read off “103” as “one oh three,” many Filipinos will have no clue what you’re talking about; you have to say “one three” or “one hundred and three”).This kind of game is an obvious power play: if you accede to her demands and change up your plans on her whim, she will be dictating the frame of the relationship.For example, the first time a girl tried this on me, we had agreed to meet at a coffeeshop that was just up the street from my house in downtown Davao.

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There’s no reason to put up with shit from one girl where there are so many more willing to sleep with you.

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