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The aim is to answer the following question: What role will the ‘Internet of Things’ have on our intimate relationships over the next 20 years?

The findings have focused on the potential for the smart tech industry, its advancement in the coming years and the data that such appliances will record and process.

Our second report (2015) examined a range of possibilities that the future may bring, from full-sensory immersive virtual dating to the role DNA might play in compatibility matching.

I hope you agree that combining the skills and knowledge of some of the world’s most talented students with our own experts in matching and compatibility makes compelling reading.

Imagine how much the digital dating landscape will change in the next ten or twenty tears as smart tech continues to evolve and become integral to everyday life.In 2007, Imperial College London and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust formed the UK's first Academic Health Science Centre.This unique partnership aims to improve the quality of life of patients and populations by taking new discoveries and translating them into new therapies as quickly as possible.Prior to launch, the brand invested in further extensive research into love and relationships, conducted in partnership with Oxford Internet Institute at Oxford University, to develop UK specific compatibility models.Today e Harmony, fondly known as ‘the brains behind the butterflies’, proudly serves over 67.3 million members globally, with more than 4.5m UK members.

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