Gerber mk 1 knife dating system dating through seriation is based on

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Gerber mk 1 knife dating system

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The Gerber Mark I was in production from 1976 to 1997. MKI_All of those have a serial number preceded by either XX, or CS to prevent anyone faking an earlier, rarer, and more desirable early knife.

Thanks for any help.... Mk I Knife Information: Accurate records on MK I serial numbers relating to dates were never kept (like they were with the MK II), but here is some information that will help with an aproximate date for any Gerber MK I knife.

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Read More Brenton, 23 & Vivian, 22 Read other stories East Meet East is exclusively dedicated to Asiandating.Gerber Command I daggers were 8-3/4" overall with a 4-3/4" blade.The Command series knives were made similar to the Mark I and Mark II knives, but only have an edge on one side, and the top 1/4 of the blade is serrated on the opposite side. There is an "S" in the serial numbers of the ... Can you guys help me Date and Value this Gerber Mark II that I recently acquired?My Mark II, Serial # 003444 a gift from a Team member, in country, in 1967, and remains my all time favorite.It’s still in good shape and the grip is full of memories of another life, another time. Gerber Guardian, Gerber TAC, & Gerber Command Daggers.

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