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I then put that questionnaire on various dating sites in 40 countries.Fourteen million or more people have now taken the questionnaire, and I've been able to watch who's naturally drawn to whom.And as it turns out, those who were very expressive of the dopamine system tend to be curious, creative, spontaneous, energetic — I would imagine there's an awful lot of people like that in this room — they're drawn to people like themselves.Curious, creative people need people like themselves. People very expressive of the testosterone system tend to be analytical, logical, direct, decisive, and they go for their opposite: they go for somebody who's high estrogen, somebody who's got very good verbal skills and people skills, who's very intuitive and who's very nurturing and emotionally expressive. Modern technology is not going to change who we choose to love.

I keep telling them and they agree with me, that these are not dating sites, they are introducing sites.

She is currently using her knowledge of brain chemistry to discuss the neuroscience of business leadership and innovation.

Books Anatomy of Love (February 2016) A Natural History of Mating, Marriage, and Why We Stray Learn more Articles Neural Correlates of Four Broad Temperament Dimensions: Testing Predictions for a Novel Construct of Personality The Anatomy of Love website Know Thy Brain, Know Thyself, Know Thy Partner Go to the website developed by Helen and her brain scanning partner, Lucy Brown. The Anatomy Of Neuroscience And Love (Talks At Google, Dec.

People who are very expressive of the serotonin system tend to be traditional, conventional, they follow the rules, they respect authority, they tend to be religious — religiosity is in the serotonin system — and traditional people go for traditional people. But technology is producing one modern trend that I find particularly important.

It's associated with the concept of paradox of choice.

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In fact, I've been studying this recently, and I actually think there's some sort of sweet spot in the brain; I don't know what it is, but apparently, from reading a lot of the data, we can embrace about five to nine alternatives, and after that, you get into what academics call "cognitive overload," and you don't choose any.