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Croftes, y« generous donoiir of these 6 vohiraes, to me Sam. They will, 1 am per- suaded, be found much more sure than any mode of proceeding by scale, and at the same time so easy, that the most difficult series of mouldings, or any other constituent part of an edifice, can be copied, by tne application of these schemes, to any moderate size, with the greatest accuracy, by the youngest tyro in the art of Ecclesiastical Architecture. On this word conjecture has been abundantly be- stowed. Pr Dceediaei in prc KBt Scuioa of Parliameu 1 1 Fureigu Newt, Ib'8. — Birtluuid Mu Tiae MI' Oii Tui ETi nitli Mamoin of Ladi Wil- lo»glibi Sir Ollbtn Eait, Sir H. The edu- cation system, which was a hobby- horse for experimentalists, maybe con- sidered a sort of mania. You have not room in your Magazine, and I have not time on this occation, to introduce the argu- ments by which this potitioa might be supported ; but facts prove the Imtli of it. That the term Celtae was pronounced with the C hard, is I be- lieve universally allowed ; for it is im- mediately derived from the Greek lan- guage, in which it appears Ks Xto*, and that the Romans did not give C the sound which we do, is proved by the discovery of some ancient monumental inscriptions, in which the word pace 18 spelt whh the K.* Ho werer harsh the sounds may be, it is yet true that Scythae, Cimbri, Thrasca, &c. That the Gauls wore a peculiar dress, as your Correspondent observes, is well known, and that the country received the name of Gallia braccaia*, from the Bracchss in which the people ar« rayed themselves, is no less certain. On smaller shields are several other coals for his sons and daughtersr In Roman capitals : " Gulielmo Aubreo, clara familia in Bre- Tonla trto, LL. , ac Re- gio Professori ; Archlepiscopi Cantuariensls causarum Auditori, et Vicario in spiritua- ^ibus general! Quin- tin supremo Juridico ; in litnitane' Walliae concilia' adscito Cancellarie Magi^tro ; et Re- gine Elizabethe a supplicum libellis ; viro ex- qunita eruditione, singulao prudentia, et mo- ribus suavlssimis ; qui, tribus filiis et sex filia- bus h Wilgiforda uxore susceptis, seternam in Christo vitara expectans, anicnam Deo zxxiii Ju Ui 1 595, setatis snae 6*6, placid.e reddidit. Prisons have been converted into schools, and the inmates of prisons have been increased in abu EKlance. Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. You can search through the full text of this book on the web at | //books .google .com/I 6-3 \ ST JOKri'a carxc E, ii Di.i,3-/7AT, jsl:: TBI -^ K Hcr c OT3E! only child of Colonel Henry Watson, Chief Engineer at Bengal (see his memoir in vol. One of them is as follows: ** & Matthew Decker, of St. Y« now Lady Fitzwi Uiam came and brought them w^^ her own hand ; gra- tius est pulchro veniens e corpora Donum,*' —'I find Samuel Leedes among the Cam- bridge Graduates of Queen's-c^ege, A. neuffoils, cuspated heads, geometrical regular forms, and geometrical compound forms, crosses, and a plan and an ele- vation of a Cathedral Ghnrch, the principal portion of which forms being produced by the Trinitarian schemes, were founci by admeasurement accu- rately to correspond with the originals. 4gi, I am induced to trouble you with a few remarks on the name Celt. Fi KE Abti — Bfiii.h lott'itu Cio D ISS Piodit'i Gillrrj. And if Churches ha\e been degraded to a level with Meeting- houses and Conventicles, can it be imagined that th«r ministers could long retain the same rank which they had been accustomed to hold, in the consideration of those who were thus brought up to dire^rd the places in which their progenitors had listened with delight and gratitude to the in- structions of their pastors?

An electronic image that is formatted to resemble a book on a computer screen, smartphone or e-reader device is known as an electronic book or e-book.

On the expiration of his apprentice- ship he visited the Metropolis for a few months, and was during this short period employed by an engraver ou wood in the vicinity of Hatton-garden ; but London, with all its gaieties and temptations had no attraction for Be- wick. AKNUIX, Stuck Biokcr, Bukk-biuliluig», Cornhi U, bt C Ri CUIDMH, GOODLVCK, U GENTLEMANS MAGAZINE. Besides the benefit which would result to their respective congregations, these following advantages would arise.

He panted for the enjoyment of his native air, and his indulgence in his accustomed rural habits. The necessity of a respectable, independent, and efficient Magistracy would then induce many country gentlemen, (who now, in consequence of the crowd of Clerical Magistrates with which almost every county abounds, are worse em- ployed,) to qualify themselves for a dis- charge of the duty which properly and of right belongs to them, and can never be so well performed by the Clergy, for divers weighty reasons.

Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. He was presented to the Vicarage of Wytham-on-tne-Hill in 1786, by his brother George I^Ziam Johnson, wno died in February isn unmarried. William Augustus Johnson, the eldest son of the Rev. Her ladyship brought a large for- 'iune to her Lord; after whose decease she married, secondly, in 1806, his cousin, George Freke Evans, Esq. To the recommendation of An Old Subscriber we shall also attend hereafter. And 6rst, there is a mistake in the name of the author, which is not Byrne, but Browne ; nor is there such a similarity in the matter of the Essay, and the principles of Mr. Browne may be assured that it was his book of draughts only, not his essay, that was compared to the excellent article of Mr. From the many different propor- tioned plans which 1 have found ex- isting lor Churches and Chapels, I am induced to imagine that the ancient Christian architects generally used pro- portions that were unconnected with any regular scheme or schemes of plans, except the one taken to produce the whole of the intended builditig. Kerrich s suggestions relate only to length and breadth, not to the origin of the thickness of the walls, the size of the buttresses, piers, doors, windows, or to their determined situa- tion} consequently, although Mr. It is mere quackery to attempt to care a disease without regarding its nature; and if this holds good in the science of physic, it is no less true in the sciences of morals and politics, and quacks or pretenders in either almost certainlj do more mischief than ^ood.

Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. NICHOLS AND SON, 25, FARLIAMENT STREET; WHERI LITTERS ARE Fitfl TIOUUIt LY BIQUESTED TO BE IINT, TOIT-FJIID , S4.— Sbarei . Robert Augustus Johnson (second son of Wolsey above-named) by Anna Rebecca, youngest sister of William sixth Lord Cra- ven. Johnson is eighth in descent from Archdeacon Robert Johnson, the mu- nificent founder of Oakham and Uppingham Grammar Schools. next brother and presumptive heir to John the sixth and pre- sent Lord Carbery, by whom she had no issue. inquires as to the mode of ps^ing Counsel and Phys Wians, prior to the coinage of Guineas, whether in even pounds, or bow otherwise ? whose name and very numerous notes and observa- tions in a remarkably find hand-writing I observe on the i|i^rgtn and blank leaves of a copy of Magna Britannia Antique et Nova^^ in six vols., small quarto. Kerrich ♦, as the notice would lead your readers to think. Ker- rich may have advanced one step to- wards recovering the science of the Christian architects, yet much remains to be done. If crimes increase, notwithstanding all that has been done in order to advance and iai prove education ; to reform obsolete and ancient errors and prejudices; to liberalize the mind and meliorate the condition of the lower classes; to faci- litate the attainment of the highest de- gree of human perfection amongst the superior ranks of society i if multiply- ing places of religious worship ot ali sorts and descriptions, and giving en- couragement to every man who thmks, or pretends to think, that he can in- struct and improve others by the de- livery or dissemination of his notions and opinions, — have been so ineffectual that — crimes still increase: — although neither of the circumstances or consi- derations enumerated, may be justly charged with having contributed to produce that effect which most, if not all of them were intended to counter- act or prevent, — let us at least pause, and consider whether there may not have been introduced amonzst them, simultaneously, the seeds of those evils which appear to have taken root amongst us, and to have gained strength and support from the shelter which has been afforded to them. Bowles's idea be correct, that, as the old Church of England Chris- tianity declines, the increase of crimes and deterioration of morals propolr- 18^.] On the Inetiaie of Crime* 101 tiooa Mj ii Kirease, does it not obviouslj M\ow ituit whatever has had a ten* dency to occasion the former, is in fact one of the causes of the latter ?

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Bowles's ** Hermes Britannicus," where reference is made to some papers of mine, published by the Society of An- tiquaries. [Jil U ctiriow circle «l Avcbortbie, ^ here, as at Satnhin Dy, a horizonul stone obstractfl the entrance." A stone, 8 feet 6 inches long, filling up the in- terval between two others, and being between 3 and 4 feet high, is certainly an effectual obstruction. URBAir, Q^^er C'f J^^^Che Uea, PERCEIVING, in your Obituary for December, 18«8, *• Mary the widow of tlie Hon. JD." 1 presume the article refers to the widow of the Hon, Modo- monte Dominiceli, the son of Dr. Faulkner, in his work now publishing, entitled, ** An Historical and Topo- graphical. John Bewick, Thomas's younger brother, and coad- jutor with hiin in many of his works, was seven years younger, having been born in 17GO ; unfortunately for the aits, and for society, of which he was an ornament, he died of a consump- tion, at the age of thirty- five. He was bound apprentice, at the age of fourteen, to Mr. Hutton of Woolwich, then a schoolmaster in Newcastle,) was preparing, in 1770, his great work on Mensuration, and applied to Mr. B«a.— Iilingtu D Churc Uei 187 n Ur Cithedr.l.-Waj Dflele'i Muoum'l i S ir of Gtorei Hiuioo, MJ}. And how do we attempt to remedy this evili Do the Clergy, who daily see the shocking increase of offences, attempt to stem the torrent? Are they not become the most vigilant and active amongst Civil Ma- gistrates ?

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