How europe is accommodating muslims

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How europe is accommodating muslims

Elisa prefers not to get her last name published in this story.

Sometimes these meetings are even interreligious to encourage dialogue, like the ones that Arco Forum and Casa Turca (‘Turkish Home’) have been organizing in Madrid for the past six years.

I live very well as a French citizen of Muslim creed (…).

France is a country of freedom and tolerance where everyone can live their faith and religious festivities with all serenity,” he argues. Le Pen has no impact on my daily personal life really.” Asif Arif (30), a Parisian lawyer and regular contributor to various French media, agrees: “Not everyone in the understands the spirit of Ramadan.

She also “hardly” perceives difficulties in her working environment for Muslims to celebrate their month of shared spirituality.

Fatima is self-employed and can organize herself, but she has not detected problems for employed persons either.

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